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Xact Natural Pest Management

Residential Services

No homeowner wants to live in home infested with pests. However, as a homeowner you need to make sure that the way in which you choose to gain control over your pests and prevent them from re-infesting your home does not cause more problems than the pests themselves.

Xact Natural Pest Management provides an alternative to traditional pest control. Our unique natural, organic, botanical and biological pest-control system will provide you with superior pest-control results without the toll on food, fingers, or paws.



Primary General Household Pest Control

We offer a comprehensive pest-control service for most general household pests including:

  • Most domestic ants, foreign ants, carpenter ants, and white-footed ants, cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and firebrats
  • Rodents
  • Our general household pest control services excludes termites and lawn destroying insects

This service is based on our proven seven-step program. Click here to read all about our natural approach to controlling your household pests.

Interior Flea Service We offer a special treatment service for interior flea control. If you have pets, you probably are familiar with the problems of fleas in your home. If you want to avoid placing chemicals in or on your pets, our interior flea treatment is for you. Click here for more information on this service.
Exterior Flea Service We offer a specialized treatment service for outside fleas. Our treatment uses beneficial nematodes, which are microscopic, non-segmented roundworms that occur naturally in soil throughout the world. Click here for more information on this service.
Exterior Tick Control We offer a special-purpose service to address ticks. Rather than using traditional synthetic pesticides, we use Diatomaceous Earth, which is as chemically inert as road dust, but when properly used, it is very effective against insect pests. Unlike chemical insecticides, Diatomaceous Earth is a physical insecticide. Click here for more information on this service.
Organic Lawn Fertilization See our pestilizer offering.
Organic Mosquito Control See our pestilizer offering.
Termite Inspections We provide free termite inspections.
All Other Termite Work

Please contact Xact Natural Pest Management directly.

If you are interested in speaking with an Xact Natural Pest Management representative about any of our services, please contact us direct by clicking here.

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