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Xact Natural Pest Management


Here is what some of our delighted customers have to say:

"We have an elderly mother living with us and she is very sensitive to chemicals. We had a pest problem and needed to do something. Xact Natural Pest Management provided the perfect solution. Their Natural Pest Management System got rid of our pest problems and did so without any health issues for my mother."
"I have 3 cats in my house and they are like my babies. I would never do anything that would harm them. When I used traditional pest control companies I was always concerned that the chemicals being used would have a bad effect on them. With Xact Natural Pest Management, I don't have to worry at all about my cats. They use natural and organic products and place them where my cats can't get them. I am thrilled to find a company like Xact Natural Pest Management!"
"Prior to becoming pregnant, I didn't really give much thought to what chemicals my pest guy was using in my house. After I became pregnant, I became more concerned that what was being used to kill bugs might not be good for my baby. I asked my pest guy some questions, and was told that the chemicals were safe. However, deep down I just couldn't understand how these chemicals could kill bugs and not be bad for my baby. When I learned about Xact Natural Pest Management I was very interested. I figured if they can kill bugs using their natural system, then I wanted to give it a try. Since making that decision my baby was born. The Xact Natural Service has been fantastic. I don't have a pest problem and I am not at all concerned about my baby playing on the floor and then putting her hands in her month. Thank you Xact Natural."
"When I first heard that there was a natural alternative to traditional pest control, like everyone else, I was curious. However, I was concerned that the natural system would not be as effective as synthetic chemicals. After using Xact Natural for more than a year, I can honestly say that Natural Pest Management works just as well as traditional pest control and in some respects, even better! Thank you Xact Natural Pest Management."
"We are an Association of 1359 homes in Broward County Florida. Our homeowners are typically retired seniors. They take pride in their homes and spend a lot time in their homes. Like most people, they have no desire to have pests in their homes. However, because many of them are health-focused, they are very concerned about using traditional pest-control services. Xact Natural's service cost was very competitive and from our perspective, they provide a unique service unlike any other company is offering."
"We are a Glatt Kosher deli in South Florida. We have been using Xact Natural Pest Management services for the past 5 years. We are very happy with how well this system is able to control our pest problems. Our customers are very demanding about the quality of the food that they expect from us. We were very concerned about using sprayed synthetic chemical near our kosher food. We don't have these concerns with Xact Natural Pest Management."
"We have sensitive electronic equipment. We cannot take the risk that our equipment would be contaminated. Since Xact Natural's system is safe around fingers, food and paws, we assumed that it would safe around are electronics. We have not been disappointed."
"I used to use Xact Natural Pest Management several years ago (when they were called Nature's Best Pest Management). Then I sold my house and bought a house in a different part of the state. I didn't know that Xact Natural provided services in my new area so I ended up using one of the big three pest-control companies. After almost a year of service the other company was unable to get my pest problem under control. I was delighted to learn that Xact Natural was in my area and I immediately switch my service to them. After two months of service, my pest problem is under complete control."
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